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December 13, 2019
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Presbyopia or Eyes over 40

Great distance
but losing your close vision?

Presbyopia manAs people reach their 40s, reading and near work become increasingly difficult. This condition is called Presbyopia. Presbyopia is a natural consequence of the aging process. While symptoms can present suddenly, the decrease in focusing ability comes on gradually. Symptoms include blurry vision, eye strain, fatigue and headaches with reading and near work. Early on, holding things farther away can help. Eventually, however, folks come see us and say, "My arms aren't long enough."

presbyopicYou are presbyopic if …

  • Your arms aren’t long enough to read the newspaper or your cell phone.
  • You need to be close to the light to read
  • Your friends and family tease you when you can’t read the ingredients on a jar or a medicine bottle

Presbyopia can be frustrating…

The good news is that we have many great options for helping you see clearly again at all distances.

PresbyopiaProgressive Lenses – The optimum solution for correcting presbyopia is progressive lenses. They are designed to restore clear and accurate vision at all distances, without needed to constantly change your glasses. The upper part of the lens makes it possible to see things further away, the central part to see middle distance like computer or prices at the grocery store, and lower part to see up close.

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computer glasses and CompuclearComputer Glasses – To reduce eye strain and fatigue, we carry specialized computer lenses. These lenses are perfect for computer users who spend a majority of their days working on computers. And since three out of four computer users will suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome, computer lenses are a great way to keep your eyesight healthy. We offer what we feel is the best computer lens made called, Compuclear.

Bifocal Contacts – If you need 2 corrections for near and far but cannot stand wearing glasses, you may need bifocal contact lenses. There have been some significant advances and designs in bifocal contacts including for people with astigmatism. Now you can have all of the benefits of bifocal lenses in the convenience of contact lenses. Talk with Dr. Paul about bifocal contacts today.

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